Book 1:  Romance Scam Survivor: the whole sordid story.

I am in the process of publishing a book about my scam experience, and currently expect this to be available in early February 2018.

In Romance Scam Survivor: the whole sordid story you will read

  • The full diary of the interactions between me and my scammer – see if you can uncover the red flags that I missed
  • My reactions on learning that I had been scammed of over $260,000, and the consequences – physical, emotional, and especially financial
  • How I overcame the impact of the scam and regained my self-respect
  • Additional resources about scams and scamming, including red flags, and what needs to change to stop or reduce scamming and the financial losses

If you are interested to pre-order at a discounted price,  provide details on the Pre-order form and email it to me (I’m in the process of setting up for online ordering).

Jan Marshall is a vital voice in the discourse on romance fraud.’
Cassandra Cross, Criminologist at QUT, Co-Author of Cyberfrauds, Scams & their Victims

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