Research on Scamming

Dr. Cassandra Cross

  • Research on impact of romance scams on seniors in Queensland

Report to Joint Select Committee on Cyber Safety, Department of House of Representatives,

Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600, Australia  If this link does not work, use the following link, and see Submission 49 at the bottom of the page to download the file.

 Dr. Monica Whitty

research for the University of Leicester

Whitty, MT & Buchanan, T. (2012), The Psychology of the Online Dating Romance Scam Report. University of Leicester.

This site, has an excellent bibliography of the topic and useful resources, as well as presentations given by Monica Whitty on the topic over 2011–12.

Update December 2014

A recent article by Julie Power, 6 December 2014 The Good Weekend Magazine (provided as part of The Age newspaper in Victoria, Australia), had an expose on military people, their names and photos being used as part of scams.

The website for this article also has a video, and Professor Monica Whitty is talking as part of this video. See


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