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Being willing to speak out means I get requests from all sorts of media to tell my story.  Mostly its to flesh out their own story, so whilst its great to get the exposure, and to be promoting better prevention measures, seldom is the full story told in all of its complexity.  When reviewing the material below, please take this into account.
To engage Jan in a Speaking or Media engagement, see her Jan Marshall Speaker Brochure 2018, and contact her directly via the contact page.

For more on why I speak out see my blog on this.
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Meet-up Group

Herald Sun Article Photo
Photo by David Smith

On the first of January 2015 I set up a Meet-up group called Melbourne Dating Scam Survivors. Within one week I had 24 people joined as members, to attend meetings I had set up to provide an open forum for sharing and mutual support.  These meetings are ongoing.

Ambassador for Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN)

ACORN has now been replaced by the ReportCyber App at the Australian Cyber Security Centre.  Go here to report a scam

Latest Media Activities (Latest: top of page)

2020 Media Activities
2019 Media Activities
2018 Media Activities
2017 Media Activities
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2015 Media Activities

2020 Media Activities

December 2020
Two new Podcasts published

Everyone Has an EX

Host: Georgia Love 
Category: Society and Culture
Sub-Category: Personal Journals, Relationships 
First Episode: 2020

Exes. We’ve all had one and we’ve all been one. And while breakups can be painful and heartbreaking, a complete surprise or a total relief, there’s always a story to be told. This new series, hosted by Georgia Love, will bring you a collection of unconventional stories about relationships past, through the eyes and the hearts of the very people who lived them. Tales of public humiliation and prison to forbidden love and funerals; she’ll bring you the good, the bad and all the juicy details in between. Everyone Has An Ex explores the deep intricacies of relationships, the curveballs life throws at you and overcoming adversity through resilience, honesty and a few glasses of wine.

Listen to the What’s Mine is Yours episode.

Website: Everyone Has An Ex 
Connect: Twitter and Facebook and Instagram 
Listen: Google or Apple or Spotify or RSS

Brave Journeys, with Tammi Faraday

Australian broadcaster, journalist, lawyer, documentary filmmaker and mama of four, Tammi Faraday learns from others how to navigate life’s common complexities where there is no clear answer, but bravery has propelled them forward. For many of us, it’s hard to know how to rise every time we fall. But not anymore. Now we can experience resilience reimagined by listening to real people navigating life’s invariable complexities and finding growth. Open the links to get your favourite Podcast provider and listen to Jan Marshall – From Romance Scam Survivor to Warrior episode

September 2020
Sydney Morning Herald Sunday Life Magazine Sept 12

‘Don’t know why I sent more’: Sally lost her entire savings to a love scam
Expose by Johanna Leggatt.

August 2020
17 August to 22 August 2000 Scam Awareness Week

  1. ABC News Radio: Lockdown triggers spike in online scams

2. ABC News Online: Identity theft soars during COVID-19 as scammers target government payments, superannuation
3. SBS News: Interview with Delia Rickard
4. Channel 9 News
5. The Project: News with a Difference Channel 10
Play from 24:50 mins to 29:20 mins (available till Nov 2020)
6. Studio 10 Morning: Channel 10, 18 August

June 2020
30/6/2020 The Project spot on Online ‘Romance’ Scammers Targeting The Vulnerable

Reporter Ed Giles Interviews an Adelaide based romance scam victim and her son.

24/6/2020 Radio spot on ABC PM News Program

Online scammers targeting lonely, out of work Australians in sinister attacks: ASIC: Reporter David Taylor:  The financial markets watchdog says the COVID-19 pandemic is seeing a surge in scammers targeting online daters. 

Cyber Security Cafe Podcast

Latest interview on being caught in a romance scam on Podcast via Cyber Security Cafe with Beverly Roche

February 2020

As is usual, Febrary is the most active month for media requests, because of Valentine’s Day. This year included short appearances on, or inclusion in

  1. Channel 9 News – 9/2/20
  2. Channel 10 News – 10/2/20
  3. YahooNews – Ausies fleeced on Words with Friends
  4. Breakfast show – 17/02/20 – Bendigo Radio Tripple M with Kylie Stevenson

2019 Media Activities

July 2019

16/07/2019 How do you know when a scammer is playing mind games with you?

Sponsored by Westpac, this  Life at 60 article gives the banks point of view of romance scams and other scams, and links to my previous posts at Starts at 60..

June 2019

25/6/2019 SBS Insight Episode 19 on Financial Scams

See related online content 

April 2019

09/04/2019 Catfishing exposed: On a panel on News 24 with Dr Cassandra Cross

January 2019

21/01/2019 Kate Langbroek: Scamming The Scammer Podcast Launches

By PodcastOne Australia, the Scamming the Scammer podcast features Kate Langbroek, interviews with victims including myself (Episode 1), and excerpts of her radio interactions with a real-life scammer.

27/01/2019 Romance scam victim reveals red flags to watch for after losing life savings

Follow on Life at 60 article looks at red flags which might warn of a scam.

08/01/2019 ‘I ruined my life’: Boomers share harrowing stories of cruel love scams

Follow on Life at 60 article looks at victims stories published here.


2018 Media Activities

October 2018

05/10/2018 SBS Insight: Guest appearance and Blog

 Appeared as a guest on the SBS Insight program on Senior Dating, and also provided a blog about the topic.  The program was also highlighted on SBS Insight  Facebook site.

09/10/2018 Boomer, 65, reveals devastation at losing $260K life savings in love scam

Life at 60 article with reference also to SBS Insight program.


September 2018

14/09/2018 A Visit to Maldon, Central Victoria
  1. The Tarrangower Times News Article about my visit
  2. Radio Interview on 94.9 MainFM  In Maldon Today (Friday 9:00 to 11:00) with Tony Harvey and Mike Smythe (see first and second halves of the interview below)
  3. Book talk at The Book Wolf, High Street, Maldon.


    July 2018

14/07/2018 You’ve basically given them a free iPhone

An article/report ‘You’ve basically given them a free iPhone’: Aussies have lost $50 million this year in scams by MAWUNYO GBOGBO details how scams are carried out on Gumtree.

This report was broadcast on ABC Radio PM program and also posted Online. the online article includes an acknowledgment of the impact and financial losses due to romance scams, whilst the radio report has quotes and a book read from me.

28/06/2018 “the Senior” News Article

When looking for love goes so wrong,  by Simon Garner.  News article published

in The Senior, July 2018 edition, pg 9.  Based on an interview and my book, Romance Scam Survivor: the whole sordid story.

This article was also printed in the

May 2018

28/05/2018 Studio10 Interview (Channel 10)

Second live video interview on Studio 10 panel show. 

21/04/2018 Channel 7 News Item on Scam Statistics

Interview about scam statistics. Video coming.

04/05/2018 Aussies have been conned out of $3.55 million by online dating fraudsters this year alone

Aussies have been conned out of $3.55 million by online dating fraudsters this year alone, by Alexis Cary, on in Money section.

April 2018

24/4/2018 Studio 10 Interview (Channel 10)

Live video interview on Studio 10 panel show. 

March 2018

31/3/2018 The Age & Sydney morning herald: Money:

April Fool Warning: online scammers can steal your financial security, by Nina Hendy Also published in the Sydney Morning


29/3/2018 Seniors News

Heartbreaking Love Scam A lesson for All, by Ann RickardSeniors Newspaper

07/3/2018 The Atlantic Newspaper

Why No One Talks About the Love Con by CAROLINE KITCHENER and KAREN YUAN   

February 2018

20/2/2018 radio Interview on ABC RN Life Matters

Radio Interview on ABC Radio National Life Matters program, with Michael Mackenzie.

6/2/2018 Radio INTERVIEW with John and Gary

Radio Interview on Breakfast with John Stanley and Garry Linnell on Talking Lifestyle Radio.

11/2/2018 Channel 9News TV Spot

Lonely Hearts Warned of Online Romance Scams ahead of Valentine’s Day, by Carrie Greenbank.  Shows book, Romance Scam Survivor: the whole sordid story.  See video here.


Nick Bennett and Kayley Harris

Interview  with Nick Bennett and Kayley Harris during The Daily Drive for the 50 Up Club (Macquarie Media).

8/2/18 Interview on Talk Radio europe
Bill Padley

Interview by Bill Padley on Talk Radio Europe’s Lets Talk program.
My book Romance Scam Survivor: the whole sordid story listed on their site

February Edition Readers Digest Australia

Exposé by Helen Signey on LONELY HEART SCAMS (4 pages)

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2017 Media Activities

May 2017

15/5/2017 The Daily Telegraph “Facebook the main stalking ground for scammers looking for lonely hearts”
15/5/2017 ABC News ‘the world today’ coverage of release of ACCC Scam report 2017

ABC Radio Broadcast by Katherine GregoryOnline dating causing most financial heartache according to ACCC

February 2017

2/2/2017 Valentine’s Day Warnings for Consumer Affairs Victoria (one interview with Minister)

See related Blog

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2016 Media Activities

November 2016

1/11/2016 Women’s Weekly article, December 2016 edition

Pages 92 to 95 of the December 2016 edition (available during November) of the The Australian Women’s Weekly (Lisa Wilkins on the cover).  I am reference through the second half of the article.

October 2016

08/10/2016 7:30 Report: -Woman tricked into laundering money ‘ignored’ when she reported it

TV Report by journalist Pat McGrath on a person who was duped by a job advertisement, with comment from me on how ACORN does not seem to be doing anything.

06/10/2016 WYZA e-Zine

Online article How I survived and online dating scam, by Mahsa Fratantoni in their WYZA Life section.

 February 2016

12/02/2016 Channel 7 News story

Sorry no link

My story quoted as part of this Channel 7 News story which includes warnings, and comment on latest statistics from the ACCC, as part of my work as Ambassador for the ACORN.

12/02/2016 Sydney Morning HeralD article :VALENTINE’S DAY WARNING


My story quoted as part of this SMH article which includes warnings, and comment on latest statistics from the ACCC, and Scamwatch video as part of my work as Ambassador for the ACORN.


Episode 25 – ROMANCE SCAM SURVIVOR with Jan Marshall

“Jan Marshall is an extraordinary woman…” a 54 minute interview  by Nick Johnson with me about the scam and its impact on my life, including run-ins with the ATO.

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2015 Media Activities

 October 2015

12/10/2015 Huffington Post Australia

Dating Scams Have Cost Australians More Than $14.8 Million This Year, By

September 2015

16/09/2015 GEELONG ADVERTISER Article

Online dating scammers strip six Geelong victims of almost $1m by DANNY LANNEN

My experience and photo is included. Read more:

Also published comment, see Comment 11.

August 2015


‘Old women who go on about love and sex creep me out’: Online trolls target love scam victim who lost $350,000 life savings, telling her she is stupid and deserves no sympathy, by Frank Coletta

Read more:


Is it a scam? An over-60 woman’s real life experience… as a guest contributor.


Interview by RMIT Post Grad Journalism student Sean O’Malley posted on SoundCloud – “Dating scam survivor rallies support for Melbourne”

July 2015

30/07/15 Take 5 Magazine

Take 5 Article Please tell me you are real, Eamon. Double page spread on my story. Pge 28/29.

07/07/15 Channel 9’s Morning PROGRAM

Interview on Channel 9’s Morning program.  Here’s the Video

On Facebook  and comments against a black and white diagram further down the page.

04/07/15 Herald Sun Expose

In Saturday Herald Sun July 4 2015 by SARAH MARINOS

‘I was scammed by an online love rat too,’ survivors of internet fraud speak out

Sun Herald by tree
Photo by Andrew Tauber

An in-depth expose quoting a number of people including Casey Donovan and various romance scams, as well as tips on how to identify scams and how to protect yourself.

May 2015

International Fraud Awareness Week 

International Fraud Awareness Week, May 18 to 24 2015, saw the publication of the latest statistics on Fraud by the ACCC, and the fraud type with the most money lost was romance scams. As a result I was contacted for interviews:

18/05/2015 The Age

The Age, May 18, Marc Moncrief, Victorians giving more money to scam artists, according to assessment

19/05/2015 The Daily Mail Australia

The Daily Mail Australia, May 19,  Frank Coletta, Lonely heart, 61, gave her $350,000 life savings to a man she met on dating site Plenty Of Fish – only to find out her urbane Englishman ‘Eamon Donegal Dubhlainn’ was a Nigerian fraudster.   (NB: $350k is cited in this article as it includes addition tax money to be paid to the ATO as a result of taking money to loan to the fraudster from my Self Managed Super Fund). 

This article was picked up by a Isaac Duchen of the Nigerian website, Pulse Australian woman recounts how she Nigerian fraudtser duped her of N69m.

February 2015

11/02/2015 Prevention Campaign Valentine’s Day 2015

I have been invited to be part of a prevention campaign being run by Consumer Affairs Victoria, filming done 29 January, for a campaign leading up to Valentine’s Day 2015. See the online My Story here.

11/02/2015 News Media on Channel 9 News

Coverage of the campaign for Consumer Affairs Victoria was in the News Media on Channel 9 News on Thursday 12 February (not provided online).

January 2015

22/01/2015 A Current Affair, Channel 9 January 2015

As a result of the ABC Article I was contact to do an expose for A Current Affair.  This was aired on 22 January 2015, and further posted on their Facebook page.

06/01/2015 ABC Local Radio, 774 Melbourne

The topic was picked up by the ABC Local Radio who interviewed me and produced an online article about setting up of the support group.  This article was then posted on their Facebook site.

They also asked me onto a 1 hour radio panel that evening with George McEncroe, broadcast nationally.

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