Support for Victims of Scams

Other related sites include:

Increasingly, I note that police and fraud organisations are saying they are working more closely with other organisations around the world to identify, apprehend and successfully prosecute scammers.

Support for scam victims includes the following:

  • Australian Reporting: ACORN has now been replaced by the ReportCyber App at the Australian Cyber Security Centre.  Go here to report a scam (ACORN The Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network.
  • ID Theft: Organisations such as IDCARE supporting those who may have compromised their IDs, and pages such as those from Comparitech with a full step by step guide of what to do if you think your ID is compromised. [scroll down for Australian info. Also links to comprehensive fraud protection and technical info.]
  • Websites: Sites such as  running open Chat forums.  See also Facebook pages. [make sure you are not logged in under your own name]
  • Support Groups: Police organisations running support groups, as in Queensland Australia.
  • Blogs: Blogs such as Scams of the Heart. This blog is a ‘must read’ for those impacted by scams, deriving much of its information from the yahoo group forum (now closed). Though not so active currently, it is well worth reading through the older topics as they are very relevant.
  • Books: such as:

Cyber Love’s Illusions: The Healing Journey
by Anna Alden-Tirrill (Author), Jon Van Helsing (Author), Tom Mack (Contributor)
Paperback: 292 pages
Publisher: White Cottage Publishing Co. (May 3, 2010)

Organisations dealing with scammers

Some of the organisations I have known about appear below. There may be more as this list is not exhaustive.

For your local response agencies, I suggest you Google or web search the topic ‘internet dating scam’ or ‘internet romance scam’.

In Australia 
ScamwatchAustralian Government website on all types of scams .  See content under Dating and Romance Scams.  This is part of the ACCC.
Project Sunbird, WA

Government of Western Australia, Project Sunbird is a joint Project between WA Police Major Fraud Squad and Department of Commerce, to identify and prevent consumer fraud in Western Australia. (now defunct)

Seniors Online Security Project, Queensland PoliceCommunity Safety and Crime Prevention Branch and the Fraud and Corporate Crime Group, conducting research with seniors with Dr Cassandra Cross.  The Seniors Online Security package, was done in under the auspices of the PCYC (Police Citizens Youth Clubs) Queensland. The resources are only available through the WA Project Sunbird site.
ACORNAustralian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network, for reporting all types of cybercrime, including online dating fraud (Now defunct)
Stay Smart Onine Stay Smart Online is a government site covering all things about internet security.  Also on Facebook, and have an email alert mechanism

 Internet Crime Complaint Centre (IC3)


 USA: FBI Agency. The central reporting portal for the US regarding internet crime complaints

Canadian Anti Fraud Centre (CAFC)Canada: A call centre for victims of fraud across Canada
Action FraudUK: ActionFraud is the central reporting agency. The National Fraud Authority (NFA) previously listed here no longer exists. It was abolished a few years ago and their functions were subsumed by the National Crime Agency (the enforcement part anyway). Both of these agencies are online as well as having a call centre. They deal with all types of fraud including online and are based within the City of London Police.
WebVarious sites collecting information about scams and scammers. (especially for sextortion)
 There are many other sites.  Google gave About 806,000 results for ‘Romance Scams’.  Feel free to undertake further research.

Conned: A survivors’ Perspective – for those who have had a real partner who has conned them.