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Jan Marshall
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For 30 years I  worked in the IT industry, selling computers and software, being a consultant, and for 14 years working in the field of Change Management. In this context I have undertaken a lot of strategic, proposal, statistical and report writing.

In 2012 I moved from Brisbane to Melbourne for work and to be closer to family, and now reside in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Having lived alone for many years, as I wanted some companionship to explore Victoria with, I engaged in online dating.  I connected with a man who I later came to know as a scammer, and was defrauded of over $260,000 over a several month period.

In writing this blog I have moved from being of victim of an online dating fraud, to being a survivor.  I am turning what has been a devastating time into a time to find an exiting new career of writing and speaking. I have survived the journey, and in writing this blog, I am giving back and regaining my self respect.

ACORN Ambassador LogoI am an Ambassador for ACORN, the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network.  This means I am willing and able to speak out about my experiences. Not many people are willing.

I have written a diary/memoir of my experience in the scam, and my recovery process, see my Books page.

For my other activities, other books, speaking and writing, see my website janmarshall.com.au.


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